Addressing COVID-19

While we are not in a time of “business as usual," we are “business as necessary.”  Our commitment, as an essential business, is to continue to work to fill fuel tanks, feed thousands of livestock, pets, and wildlife, and prepare for the planting season.

The way we operate will change. We have asked our locations to prioritize the safety of our employees and that will look a bit different at each location. We ask that you make a point to conduct business with us at a distance. Whether that is over the phone, via email or text, social media or at a distance of six feet, our agronomists, energy specialists, feed personnel, agri-finance department, staff and everyone else at Insight FS are here to serve customers throughout Wisconsin and the UP.

A majority of our locations will limit all non-employee access at our locations. This can include locked doors or very limited access. We encourage everyone to utilize our phone and email. 

If you have questions, call us at (920) 674-7000. 

We also encourage you to sign up for My Farm Records and start paying your bills online as a way to avoid sending checks to our offices or avoid the need to stop in. Join at

To schedule fuel or propane deliveries, feed orders, or agronomy products, please reach out to your closest location. You can find that list on our locations page.