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Propane Autogas: Fuel Smart 

Across the nation and throughout the world, businesses and organizations are realizing the benefits of switching from gasoline or diesel to propane autogas to fuel their vehicles and equipment. Propane burns cleaner than gasoline or diesel—which means fewer emissions—and is non-toxic. In addition, it is cheaper and easier on engines, which means not only lower fuel costs but also savings on maintenance costs and longer engine life. Because propane qualifies as an alternative fuel source, businesses and organizations using propane autogas are also eligible for various tax credits, rebates, and incentive programs. It is also readily available from domestic sources, reducing our dependence on foreign oil, and is safer than gasoline, diesel, and compressed natural gas fuel. And, best of all, there is no compromise in terms of performance.

School Buses
When it comes to transporting our children, reliability, safety, and cleanliness are top priorities. A decade ago, a study found that the air inside school buses was significantly dirtier than the air outside, partly as a result of diesel fumes, highlighting the need for a cleaner fuel source. Clean-burning propane not only meets the requirements of a clean and green alternative fuel, it goes beyond expectations by also providing significant cost savings and extending engine life.
Powering Forklifts
According to the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC), propane is used to fuel 670,000 forklifts in factories and warehouses across the US, accounting for 80% of the spark-ignition forklift market. Propane is a clean-burning fuel that is more economical, environmentally-friendly, efficient, reliable, and contains a high domestic availability (90% of propane is produced in the U.S., compared with 30% of petroleum, reducing the cost and energy use associated with transportation as well as our dependence on foreign oil).
Fleets and Light-Duty Trucks
Many businesses using fleets of vehicles or even just one or two light-duty trucks are turning to propane autogas as their fuel source. According to the Propane Education and Research Council, there are more than 270,000 on-road propane vehicles in the US. That’s because this clean alternative fuel has a proven track record of offering significant advantages over both traditional and other alternative fuels. These advantages come in the form of economy, performance and convenience, safety, and a positive impact on the environment and US economy.
Public Transit
Taking public transit, already known to be a greener option than driving, can be made even more environmentally friendly—and cost effective—through the use of efficient, reliable, and affordable propane autogas. The already significant benefits of propane autogas are exponentially increased when used in high-mileage vehicles that require frequent idling, such as those used for public transportation. With reduced greenhouse gas, lower fuel costs, and proven performance, set yourself apart with autogas.
Government and Public Works
Propane fuels public health and protection. Propane is the reliable, affordable, and green alternative fuel with the proven ability to meet the performance needs of high-mileage, long-runtime vehicles, such as law enforcement (police, security, and traffic enforcement), highway department, city utility, and public works vehicles. Even propane-fueled street sweepers are now available, resulting in cleaner air and streets—and tax credits for operators.

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