Farmers know that their operations and the world’s natural resources can all thrive within the same living ecosystem. And more than ever, farmers are assessing cropping practices and operational processes that minimize impact on the environment while improving farm profitability. Enduring Farm awards acknowledge those farmers who have adopted best management practices that optimize nutrient utilization, leading to long-term soil and water quality while enhancing ROI.

To be considered for the Enduring Farm award, we nominate farmer-customers who use certain sustainable best management practices on their farms. Growers that earn a combined score of 150 points or greater for nutrient management activities to be designated as an Enduring Farm. 

All Enduring Farms are given two N-WATCH™ sites, utilizing three samples at the sites to measure results of a MiField™ Applied Research trial on nutrient management.  

To learn more and start working toward this award, please contact your Insight FS Crop Specialist for details.